Monday, September 02, 2013

2013 Topps Tier One Baseball - The Dodger Cards

Last week, Topps released their 2013 Tier One Baseball card set, and as usual they are gorgeous.  This is a high-end card set where boxes will run you almost $100 each, and that box has only one pack of 3 cards in it.  So, this product is not for the faint of heart.  BTW, there is no base set. 

I'd love to share with you all of the Dodger cards available.  Unfortunately, that just isn't possible.  Most of the major Dodger stars have redemption cards inserted into packs; such as Clayton Kershaw, Sandy Koufax, Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Heck, even Kershaw's relic card (which is just a piece of a game-worn uniform) comes with a redemption.  What's up with that, eh?

Anyway, check out the Dodger cards I've been able to track down below.  Go here for a complete checklist of the set.

Thankfully, many Dodger old-timers (and one current player) signed cards in time to be included into boxes.  Yasiel Puig has a "Crowd Pleaser Autograph" but comes with a redemption card.  I think my favorite card is the Bill Buckner.  Check out his super-thick brow.  It is glorious!

Crowd Pleaser Autographs

#CPA-AG Adrian Gonzalez

#CPA-BB2 Bill Buckner

#CPA-DS1 Don Sutton

#CPA-DS2 Don Sutton

#CPA-MW Maury Wills

Below are Tier One Relic cards.  Three Dodgers are available: Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw.  As you'll notice, there are three different relics available for each player - single, double and triple relic pieces.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down an Adrian Gonzalez triple relic card.  Also, none of the Kershaw relics cards are in packs.  Instead, a redemption card is enclosed.  Why?  I don't know.

#TSR-AG Adrian Gonzalez

#TSR-MK Matt Kemp

Tier One Legends Relics

#TORL-JR Jackie Robinson

Below are the "1of 1" Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp All-Star Relic cards.

#TOASR-CK Clayton Kershaw

TOASR-MK Matt Kemp

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