Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Vintage Brooklyn Bum Cookie Jar on Auction

In The Park Collectibles has an auction running right now that has this great vintage 1940's-1950's porcelain cookie jar made by Gibbs-Conner of Cleveland, Ohio.  It features the famous "Brooklyn Bum", and measures 13" tall. 

Gibbs-Conner was a competitor to Stanford Pottery, but closed their doors in the late 1950's.  Sports based porcelain figurines were not their main market; although they did produce for a sale porcelain bank of Cleveland Indian's mascot Chief Wahoo.  I believe this Dodgers cookie jar is one of just a handful of prototypes that they made, but never got around to mass producing.  As evidenced by its high initial asking price ($1,000.00), it is a very scarce collectible.
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