Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 1/17/2014 - Dodgers Links - Baseball Instant Replay, Hiccups and the Rink at Dodger Stadium

Check out this great photo tweeted out by @VinScullyTweet yesterday evening.  It is from October 23, 1957.  Dodgers brass and at least one player (Jim Gilliam) are featured boarding the Dodgers plane.  Other than Vin Scully, who else do you recognize?
  • There is a press conference scheduled for this morning at 10:00 AM at Dodger Stadium.  It is likely to be a formal announcement regarding the new Clayton Kershaw extension.  The Dodgers will stream the event live online.  Go here.  Unfortunately, I will be at the doctor for a physical, so I will miss the entire thing.
  • This coming Saturday, January 18th is Upper Deck's National Hockey Card Day in America.  Go here for details.  Collectors will receive a free pack of UD hockey cards at participating stores. 
  • The rules for instant replay in Baseball have been approved, via a MLB press release.  The entire process is detailed in that link.  (Hat Tip: Dodger Insider)  The most interesting part is the use of a hard-wired Replay Command Center located at MLB Advanced Media headquarters in New York.  This system sounds very much like the NHL's replay center for reviewing all goals.  
Major League Umpires will be staffed as Replay Officials at the Replay Command Center. After viewing video feeds, the Replay Official will make the ultimate determination of whether to overturn the call, based on the continuing standard of whether there is clear and convincing evidence.
I was amazed at what he has accomplished. How the power of ONE person can make a huge difference in others lives. Once a month he gathers all his friends and collects food, clothing and shoes. Then he heads to Downtown LA Skid Row which contains one of the largest populations, between 3,000 and 6,000, of homeless people in the United States. The sidewalks are lined cardboard boxes, tents, and shopping carts. There he feeds about 350 homeless people who gather.
(pic via @LAKings on twitter)

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