Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dodgers Reveal New Alternate Road Jersey's - It's Just Like Their Road Jersey's From 1998

With having such an iconic uniform design, the opportunity for any dramatic changes are small.  After all, a large departure from what we have is likely to be met by scorn, so management is keenly aware that real change is impossible. 

Other than the possibility of using vintage Brooklyn Dodger designs, all the team could really do is what they've just announced.

Per a Dodgers press release:
The Los Angeles Dodgers will have an alternate road jersey in 2014, as the team will utilize one of the most identifiable team names in sports today, "Dodgers," as well as their home city, "Los Angeles," on the two jerseys.

When the Dodgers came to Los Angeles in 1958, the road jersey featured the name Dodgers. The next year, the team's road jersey featured Los Angeles and continued that way through 1969. The team name, Dodgers, returned to the jersey in 1970 through 1998 and the city name, Los Angeles, returned in 1999 to the present. The last time the Dodgers wore alternate jerseys was in 2011, when they wore the powder blue Brooklyn jerseys for six home dates.
So, we go from using the "Los Angeles" script to using the "Dodgers" script, instead.

Ho Hum... it's nice, but hardly blows me away.

Dodgers Marketing guru, Lon Rosen, had this to say:
"Because we are equally proud of our iconic brand name and the city we represent and with the number of Dodger fans across the country, we felt it important to have two sets of road jerseys to feature both the team name, as well as Los Angeles. This will begin when we start play in spring training and we plan to wear the `Dodgers' jersey when we open the regular season in Australia on March 22."
 I do love this photo of Hyun-Jin Ryu below. 

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