Thursday, January 30, 2014

Holy Moly! Season Ticket Holders Will Not Be Getting Hard Tickets!

I just find this to be unbelievable.

It's so unbelievable, I have to ask you folks out there whether this is really true.  Please let me know!  I need further confirmation.

(I should add that I am not a season ticket holder.  I go to games casually on a game by game basis.  From time to time, I get tickets from friends who have access to season tickets, and cherish those tickets since they are always uniquely Dodger themed.)

According to Bobby Crosby at Dodger Film (via a posting on Reddit r/Dodgers), he was notified by his season ticket rep that the Dodgers would not longer be providing them with hard tickets.  Instead, season ticket holders will have to print them out or use their smart phone to get into the game.

Say wha...?

Here is Bobby talking about it in his latest video.

Video Link:

So, you're telling me that there will not be any of those cool fancy tickets available to collect?  A fan will no longer be able to take a Dodger ticket stub and put it away as a keepsake?  Are those days long dead and gone?

I get that times are changing, and we need to get with the system.  Still, this is the kind of change I didn't have in mind.

It's the beginning of the end of ticket stub collecting.

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  1. This is not entirely new. I am a football season ticket holder for the University of Miami Hurricanes and this was our second season without tickets. Last year, if you wanted hard tickets, you had to pay a fee to have them. This year, I don't think we had that option. Also last year, they sent out commemorative tickets (a fake ticket with a picture on it) and I don't remember them doing that this year.

    I think people have gotten so used to the way ticketmaster prints tickets, they are no longer unique and there is no longer any reason to collect them. From the team's standpoint, it makes sense. Think about the printing costs that will be saved by not having to print those tickets..


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