Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Kings Sold Those Awesome Dodgers Themed Warm-Up Jerseys Yesterday, and I Didn't Win One

I went home last night in a less than happy mood.

Sure, the Kings eked out a hard fought win against the Vancouver Canucks, and considering the style of play I should have been elated.   We definitely witnessed some old-time hockey, as a total of 109 penalty minutes were meted out by the refs; including several brawls that had the crowd jumping.

Still, I left the arena deflated.

Last night was Dodgers Pride Night, and I was hopeful that I would be able to take home one of those Dodgers themed hockey jerseys they wear during the pregame skate.  For the second year in a row, the Kings came out in Dodger Blue before the game, and like many fans I was smitten.  They are easily the greatest Kings jersey's since the unveiling of the 'Black & Silver', and the team would be auctioning them off during the game for charity.

I immediately headed to the main concourse during the first intermission to check out the auction, and placed a bid. As you can see below, they were all piled neatly on a table.

I figured I would be better off chasing one of the fringe/role players on the team since they were likely to be the most affordable.  Instead, I found myself placing a bid on the Jarret Stoll jersey (#28) in the $500 range.  Then, I came down during the next intermission and upped the ante to $600 in hopes of deterring any competitors.  With seconds to go before closing a person, who I shall refer to as a troll, sniped me in the end, and with little time to rebid I was left without the prize.


Oh well.  I guess I'll have next year.

Since my photos above do not do these jerseys justice, check out this great photo tweeted out by the Kings.

Here's another photo that was shared by the Dodgers on tumblr.  That's Kings captain Dustin Brown (#23) with star centerman Anze Kopitar (#11) in the background.  Both will be Olympians.  Brown will be on Team USA and Kopitar will be with Slovenia.

You can't tell me those jersey aren't awesome.  In fact, they are so good I still wonder why the Kings didn't chose to use a similar design for the upcoming Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium.  Frankly, I think it's a missed opportunity for the club.

BTW, a couple of Dodgers were at the game to drop the opening puck.  Via a pic tweeted by the Dodgers, check out Jerry Hairston Jr. and Brian Wilson wearing Kings jerseys.

They also received some choice seating from the Kings - right on the glass (via Hairston's instagram).

Here is a vine video from the Kings of the players heading back to their clubhouse after their pregame skate.

Now, does anybody have a Dodgers themed Kings jersey they want to sell?  I'm a willing buyer.

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