Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Check out the 2014 Dodgers Topps 60th Anniversary Team Set

I came across something fantastic a few weeks ago and knew immediately that I had to have it.

This season, Topps decided to start up their old Baseball card printing presses in order to produce several authentically vintage looking cards to sell directly to collectors.  For the most part, they've been making large poster sized cards featuring modern ballplayers on vintage designs.  Check out some of these Dodger poster prints here.  Recently, they started reducing their size to 5" x 7" sized Baseball cards and putting them in classic wax wrappers to enhance their vintage appeal. 

So, having seen this I figured it was time to dive in and try out their newest creation - the 1955 Topps LA Dodgers 60th Anniversary Set.  And, oh boy!  Was I not disappointed.

As I said, they came in a large 5" x 7" sized wax pack... Just like the olden days, but larger.  Check out pics of the unopened pack above and below.  As you can clearly see, they used real wax to seal the pack. 

Peeling it open was awesome!

I felt like I was 10 years old again.  My fingers were feeling waxy like I had just let a candle drip on my fingers.  The only thing missing from the whole experience was the sweet smell of Topps super-stiff bubblegum and that white powdery substance that covered the gum.  Another difference was the inclusion of a blank card to protect from an inevitable wax stain.  All you old timers will remember the horror of seeing the card of your favorite player being ruined by that dark smudge stain.... Man, I hated that!

Within the pack were 5 Dodger cards in the style of the vintage 1955 Topps Baseball card set.  Check them all out below.  Something I didn't expect was that they are all blank-backed... BOOO!  Nevertheless, this is a great little set, and I'm happy to add it to my collection.  BTW, this set is numbered to only 99 copies, so they are somewhat limited.

My set is numbered #22.  Just like Clayton Kershaw.  WooHoo!

The card at the very bottom was the blank card to protect the set from a wax stain.  I'm not sure why I kept it, but I figured why not, eh?

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