Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dodger Gamers Puig and Ramirez Visited Sony Playstation Headquarters

Clearly, both Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez were inspired by Sony Playstation yesterday.  After all, Sony makes the popular MLB 14 The Show Baseball video game, and they both battered Giants pitching like they were playing on easy mode last night.

Before the game, Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez visited the bay area headquarters of Sony Playstation and received the grand tour.  Check out the pic above tweeted out by @MLBTheShow featuring them inside, and below they are posed in front of the headquarters.
(photos above via Hanley's and Puig's accounts)

So, what exactly did they get to see?

No one seems to be saying.  Although, a revealing pic appeared on the /Dodgers Reddit yesterday.  The boys apparently spent some time with Project Morpheus. This is Sony's project working on their upcoming virtual reality headset.  As you can see, Puig is wearing Sony's VR headset below. As Reddit commenter Alberthere noted, we should call him "Daft Puig."

I wonder if this new video game tool helped them see the ball more clearly at PacBell Park.  It was video-game-like in how they both treated Giants pitching like they had used cheat codes.  How else can you explain three triples by Puig and Hanley's two-hit night? 
(pic via Reddittor: puress90)

As you likely know, both Puig and Ramirez have a growing relationship with Sony.  Earlier in the season they debut Sony's MLB 14 The Show during their Opening Series roadtrip to Australia.  Watch the video below to check that out. 

Video Link:

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