Friday, November 14, 2014

Now You Can Own Joc Pederson's Hooptie - Nicknamed 'Little Chucky'

Here is a fascinating piece of Dodger/Isotope history.

As you might remember, Joc Pederson and the Isotopes gave away a unique prize to a guest at fan appreciation night in Albuquerque this past season.  Up for grabs was Pederson's 'ride' and it was quite a junker.  I think the appropriate term might be 'hooptie.'  Anyway, it was Joc's ride around town as he muscled his way towards an MVP trophy this past season in the Pacific Coast League.

As described in the originally press release for the contest:
The car, nicknamed "Little Chucky," has only 166,000 miles on it and has at least one operable window, which is really all you need. It is perfect for cruising around during the New Mexico summers with its "awesome" stereo system and lack of air conditioning. Kelly Blue Book estimates the value at nearly $1,000 (depending on if it has a full tank of gas). Little Chucky will also come with two complimentary air fresheners and whatever else Pederson forgets to clean out.
(The winner, pic via @AbqTopes on twitter)
'Little Chucky,' as it was affectionately known, was won by a young lady named Renee, and after a few weeks of driving it another 1,000 miles has decided her safety is more important than the prestige.  This same car is now up for sale on eBay, so now you can own Joc Pederson's 'ride.'  Check out the auction listing here.  It has an opening price of $1,200.00.

There is less than 33 hours to get your bid in, so act fast if you want to own a little piece of awesome.

The best part of the auction is the description in the Seller's notes:
“Used High Mileage, Faded and Cracked Paint, Windows don't Work, Light Dents and Scratches, Worn Dash and Missing Plastic Mold Frame Around where the stereo is. Air Conditioner doesn't work and you have to wiggle the steering wheel to get the key to turn at times.”
I wonder if the original air fresheners provided by Joc are included.

Hat Tip: Pedro Moura on twitter.
Pic at the very top via eBay listing (originally from Albuquerque Isotopes_.

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