Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Orosco's 1988 World Series Trophy at Heritage Auctions

Dallas based Heritage's current sports auction has plenty of goodies for the Dodger fan.  There are vintage tickets like the ornate Dodger Stadium Opening Day ticket from 1962 and the fancy die-cut light bulb ticket from Ebbets Field in 1938.  If team signed Baseball's is your fancy then there's a bunch to choose from; including a 1933 ball with Casey Stengel, Hack Wilson and Al Lopez.  Below are a handful of items that are available that I thought were really great and had to share.

You no doubt know what this trophy below is, and any time I see one for sale I wonder if I should sell my car for it.  Seriously... That always crosses my mind... But just for a split second... 'Cause actually doing that would be insane.

This particular trophy is especially significant for Dodger fans.  Here is Jesse Orosco's 1988 LA Dodgers World Championship trophy.

As you know, Orosco was a key figure on that team.  Not only did he pitch masterfully in relief throughout the season, but he was also the man that caused an explosion and subsequent refocusing in the Dodger clubhouse that spring.  Jesse, known as a prankster, decided to welcome Kirk Gibson to Vero Beach by lining his cap with black shoe polish.  Being a serious no-nonsense type of fellow, Gibson immediately went into a tirade, and made sure his teammates understood that once you get on the field it's all business.  This eventually lead to the season that has not been forgotten by Dodger fans.
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Below is a fascinating piece of Dodger Stadium memorabilia.  Dated in February of 1959, the winter after the Dodgers first season in Los Angeles, National League President Warren Giles sent the below letter to Assistant General Manager Dick Walsh.

In the letter Giles let's Walsh know about the various Official Rules the Dodgers would need to follow when building the proposed stadium including distances, dugouts, fences and umpire dressing rooms.  As you may know, construction of Dodger Stadium began that year, so this information was no doubt helpful in their planning.

Of note, the letter is a bit ambiguous about the location of the future stadium.  It says in the first sentence:
"Answering your of the 10th respecting dimensions of the playing field proposed for your new stadium (which I hope will be built at Chavez Ravine - and soon).
I didn't realize that even months before officially breaking ground in September it appeared that the Chavez Ravine location was still a little question.

The letter does ends with the following:
"It's a pleasure and surely encouraging to have an inquiry about actual construction on the now famous (by litigation if for no other reason) Chavez Ravine." 
Clearly, the Dodgers felt confident in their position by this time to start working on construction plans.
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