Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Donruss Baseball - The Dodger Base Cards and Variations

Panini's very first Baseball card set of the season has finally hit the shelves.  It is their Donruss brand, and its base set borrows many of the design elements found when they existed in the '80's.  Unfortunately, the lack of MLB logos and brands is again absent, so they look really strange.  It's tough to like a card when you can't show a ball-cap with the "LA" logo on it.  Go here to check out a complete checklist.

Much like in past years, the base set is broken up into multiple parts.  It starts with the Diamond Kings set, then the popular Rated Rookie set, the base cards and a new subset called the Inaugural 1981 Edition.  As the name implies, it features a group of the more popular players on the vintage 1981 Donruss design. 

Check out all of the Dodger cards below; including the two variations that exist.

Diamond Kings

#14 Clayton Kershaw

Rated Rookies

#32 Joc Pederson

Base Set

#104 Clayton Kershaw                           #105 Adrian Gonzalez

#106 Yasiel Puig                                #108 Zack Greinke

#136 Jimmy Rollins                              #182 Mike Piazza

Inaugural 1981 Edition

#207 Yasiel Puig                                #215 Clayton Kershaw

Here are the two Dodger variations in the set.  Why it is called "18 up Digital," I do now know.  As for what makes these cards unique?  Well, the Kershaw card includes the text "MVP" under his name instead of "Los Angeles Baseball Club."  The Puig card lacks the border designs found in the base set.

18 up Digital Form Base Variations

#104 Clayton Kershaw                                    #106 Yasiel Puig

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