Friday, August 07, 2015

Some Great Dodger Memorabilia at SCP Auctions - Roseboro's Uni, Claire's Ring and a Letter from Ebbets

Following up on the Happy Felton letter to Walker O'Malley letter I shared the other day, below are a handful of other great Dodger collectibles available at SCP Auctions.  Go here to check out all of the items at SCP.
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Check out this fantastic game-worn uniform of Johnny Roseboro from the 1963 Championship season.  This was the year the Dodgers swept the Yankees in the Fall Classic.

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Here is Fred Claire's 1981 World Champion ring.  He was an public relations executive for the club starting in July 1969 and remained there until he assumed player personnel responsibilities after Al Campanis' shafu in 1987.  Soon thereafter he was named the General Manager.

Here's a fantastic letter signed by Charles Ebbets to an unnamed ballplayer just prior to the start of the 1915 Baseball season.  In it he suggest that it's a good time to start working out for the upcoming season.  Check out what it says below:
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The time for reporting at Daytona, (set by Manager Robinson for March 1st), and the opening of the National League championship season is fast approaching.  I believe if you will all buckle right down to hard conscientious work, get in condition quickly, have no material accidents or illness and we get good results in the pitching department, that we will win the championship, possibly the Worlds Championship.  This goal I know is the ambition of you all; the pride and glory of winning one or both championships cannot be calculated in dollars and cents; with the championship goes the material part, (the monetary amount), of which all who participate receive their proper proportion; last but not least is the great advertising Brooklyn would receive and the pride and gratification of the people (who support the Brooklyn Club so loyally), by reason of your winning the championship.  For all these reasons my friends, I want each of you to commence now to take light exercise so that when you report to Manager Robinson on March 1st there will be comparatively little "tuning up" to do.  I know you all have the same confidence in Manager Robinson that we the owners have, and I want you to at all times to give him the best there is in you; we cannot expect more, er do not expect less.

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