Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A Personal Letter from Happy Felton to Walter O'Malley About that "Idiot" Son at SCP Auctions

As I had previously intimated, SCP has an auction that just opened up, and I've got quite a few items from my collection in it for the taking.  Hopefully over the next few days I'll share some of them with you.  In the meantime, I thought I would bring up an item (that's not mine) that has me wallowing in laughter.  Heck, I know if I had more details about the incident I would probably be busting a gut right now.

Featured below is an letter between Happy Felton, an entertainer who had a popular Dodger pregame youth show called the "Knot-Hole Gang", and Dodger owner Walter O'Malley.  It begins innocently enough with Felton seeking financial compensation for his frequently being a host to various special guest at Dodger games.  I assume that he would provide a tour and introduce folks to the players before or after games.  What strikes me as hilarious, though, is the postscript about one particular special guest.  Check out what he writes below:
PS: Mr. & Mrs. McNulty, who received our Special Services yesterday, at your request, thoroughly enjoyed themselves -- as did their idiot son who was aged about 34 and 6'3" tall.  I am sorry to report that the younger McNulty was severely gashed by one of the ball players who shall be nameless but whose initials are Footsie Belardi, and that he, the son, lost some teeth when hit by a line drive from the bat of one Preacher Roe.  I imagine the McNulty's will sue the ball club, myself and the manufacturers of Red Barber's "Bowena", as a matter of course.  See you in court.
I'm not sure if "gashed" is meant to be literal.  Maybe Wayne "Footsie" Belardi decided to give good ol' "youthful" McNulty a ribbing.  I dunno.  What is clear is that he got hit by a batted ball (likely during batting practice) and he didn't like it one bit.  It could be that the rancor of said incident caused Felton to finally decide that he wasn't being paid enough to deal with this.

I can't imagine that anyone has any specific details beyond that, but if you do please pass it along.  This Dodger fan would love to know.
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