Friday, October 02, 2015

Brooklyn Memorabilia at REA - Dodger Stock, an Old Pin and a Jersey from "The Natural"

Yesterday I wrote about a vintage letter from an old Brooklyn coach to one of his top players (check that out here) that is available at REA's current auction.  Now, I wanted to point out a few more Dodgers related collectibles that struck my fancy.

Above is an old Brooklyn Dodger uniform.  (Auction link here)  It is a reproduction that was created for the Robert Redford movie "The Natural".  As you can see, it is meant to represent the jersey's worn in 1939, as evidenced by the Baseball Centennial patch on the left shoulder, and sports the iconic number "42".  It was obviously created in homage to the great Dodger barrier breaker - Jackie Robinson.  The listing claims that it was worn in the movie, but I don't actually recall seeing a Dodger uniform in it.  If you know differently please pass that along. 

BTW, a similar jersey sold last year at Lelands Auctions at $388.00.  I do not know if the above example is the same item.
(Auction Link)

Everytime I see the item above for sale I get exciting.  For a fleeting moment I imagine myself emptying out my bank account to add it to my collection.  Then, I'd try to claim partial ownership of the team to fulfill a lifelong fantasy.  Of course, it would be stupid for me to do that; especially since these documents have long since been cancelled.  Still, it would be cool to have.

Featured above is a 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers stock certificate.  It has been signed by then President Branch Rickey, team treasurer John Smith and former owner Marie McKeever Mulvey.  BTW, Marie remained an owner of the club until 1975.  Having featured this kind of certificate numerous times before, I know that an example just like this routinely sells for about $4,500 to $5000 a piece.  That's quite an expensive piece of paper.
(Auction Link)

This last item is a pin you just don't see very often.  It is a large-format composite pinback celebrating the 1947 National League pennant winning Brooklyn Dodgers.  They were originally sold only during the ensuing World Series played that October against the Yankees.   There are 22 faces on the pin; including Jackie Robinson.  Considering this was Jackie's first year as a Dodger makes this a unique and extremely desirable collectible.  I am uncertain how much an an example like this is expected to sell for, but I imagine it would be in the low four figures.

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