Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Don Drysdale Collection at SCP - Part III - The Streak

If there is one defining event that marks the greatness of Don Drysdale then it has to be "The Streak."  During the summer of 1968 Drysdale recorded a scoreless pitching streak that lasted 58 2/3 innings - a record that lasted 20 years.

Featured as part of the Don Drysdale Collection currently on auction at SCP are numerous artifacts that celebrate the accomplishment.  Directly below is the game ball from shutout #6 against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 4, 1968.  (Auction Link Here)  At this point he had recorded 54 scoreless innings by games end.
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On June 8, 1968, Drysdale's very next start, he first tied the mark against Philadelphia.  The previous record was held by fellow Hall of Famer Walter Johnson at 56 innings.  Below is the game ball from the final out of the second inning.  (Auction Link Here) Drysdale struck out Phillies catcher Clay Dalrymple.
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Don Drysdale was on a roll.  Every out thereafter set a new scoreless innings streak, and folks in attendance had to be wondering if a 7th straight shutout was coming.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  With the Dodgers leading 4-0 heading into the fifth inning, Drysdale would face the bottom of the Phillies order.  He gave up two straight singles to start things off.  With runners now on the corners he struck out the very next batter, and then faced off against pinch-hitter Howie Bedell.  With the streak on the line, a runner at 3rd base and only one out, Bedell lined a flyball to left field.  The runner scored on the sacrifice, and Don Drysdale streak of consecutive scoreless innings was stopped at 58 2/3 innings.  Below is the game ball used during that inning.  (Auction Link Here)
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Probably my favorite item of all is the below George Sosnak painted Baseball.  (Auction Link Here)  As you can see, it commemorates Drysdale's scoreless innings streak. 

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