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Blog Kiosk: 4/5/2016 - Dodgers Links - Scully, Sandlock and Jackie Robinson

Fellow Hall of Famer and current Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg visited with Vin Scully before the start of yesterday's Opening Day game, as evidenced by the photo above taken by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers2016 and tweeted by the Dodgers.  Best yet, Vin spent a part of the afternoon explaining the acronym G.O.A.T., via Israel Fehr at Big League Stew.
"... and when he talks about meeting Michael Jordan in the shoe store, he refers to him as the GOAT. And you say: 'Goat? Why is Michael Jordan (a) goat?' 'No no,' he said, 'G-O-A-T: greatest of all time.' You ever heard that? Well, that's what Jon Jay brought to the dance - GOAT."
Below are more links to check out:
On Playing with Roy Campanella: “Campy and I started playing together on the Montreal Royals back in 1947, a team that pretty much dominated. He was a delight to be around, because he knew how to talk to people. We discussed baseball all the time, breaking down a player’s weaknesses and how to pitch to him. He knew a lot about the game and he was quite intelligent and I knew back then that he was going to be a big deal when he got up to the majors.”
At the time, Dad was a member of the Dodgers' farm team, the Montreal Royals. Branch Rickey arranged for him to fly to Cuba for an exhibition game, just a couple of months before he broke down baseball's color barrier in the United States. To me, this connection to my father almost brought me to tears. I was watching a baseball game in the same stadium nearly seventy years later -- and during another historic era.
Q: You explored the Negro Leagues and Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in your “Baseball” series. What convinced you to take on a stand-alone documentary?

Burns: Rachel Robinson. She was very persuasive. I knew he deserved stand-alone treatment and what we felt also [is that] in the intervening years [since “Baseball” first aired in 1994] he’s been kind of encrusted with the barnacles of mythology and sentimentality.

It was time to show the real, much more dimensional person, who’s much more interesting. It doesn’t in any way take away from his heroism and his extraordinary importance, not just in baseball but in American history. And it was good to sort of liberate ourselves and liberate him from the ball and chains of that kind of artificial perfection. It was kind of getting treacly.
  • Dodgers add another reliever to their stock of possible replacements in the minors, via a tweet by Tim Dierkes:

  • Video:  Dugout Report: Roberts On Selecting His Opening Lineup (Video Link)
  • Via Ken Gurnick at MLB.com, "Dodgers target home opener for Kendrick, Grandal."
  • Via Ryan Cracknell at Beckett, "2016 Topps Now Baseball delivers cards in real-time throughout the season."  This new online-only set will be called Topps Now. 

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