Thursday, March 09, 2017

2017 Donruss Baseball - All the Dodgers Base Cards and Variations

2017 Donruss, Panini America's flagship Baseball card brand, was release yesterday.  It includes all the subsets older collectors like myself recall with fondness. Go here for a complete checklist.

There are eight Dodgers' in the base set, one rated rookie card of recently traded prospect Jose De Leon and a Diamond Kings card of Corey Seager.  Of note, I hate what they've done to the Diamond Kings cards.  They used to be drawings or paintings created by noted sports artist Dick Perez.  Now, Panini just throws some pic into some nameless computer program to simulate a drawing.  Ugh....

Diamond Kings

#14 Corey Seager

Rated Rookies

#39 Jose De Leon


#106 Corey Seager            #107 Justin Turner

#108 Clayton Kershaw             #109 Kenta Maeda

#110 Kenley Jansen             #111 Joc Pederson

#112 Adrian Gonzalez             #179 Duke Snider

Base Variations

#106 Corey Seager                #179 Duke Snider

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  1. Corey Seager looks a lot like the Duke and vice-versa in their base variations ;) #justsaying


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