Thursday, June 01, 2017

2017 Bowman Mega Box Chrome - All the Dodgers Cards

Some time in the past week or so Topps issued an Target-exclusive Baseball card product called the 2017 Bowman Mega Box. For $14.99 a collector will receive seven packs -- five Bowman retail packs (exactly like the packs released in late-April) and two exclusive Mega Box Chrome Bowman packs.

The Mega Box Chrome Bowman packs include five cards not available anywhere else. The cards include 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects cards, along with several other inserts found in 2017 Bowman, with a uniquely patterned "pulsar" prism in the background on all of them.

Go here for the complete checklist. BTW, the aforementioned checklist indicates that the Rookie of the Year Favorites insert card of Jose De Leon is of him as a Dodger, but that isn't the case. Instead, the card features him in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform. The De Leon Rookie of the Year Favorites card found in packs of 2017 Bowman show him in a Dodger uniform. So Topps has updated his card to show him in the right uniform (good job, Topps!). Check both of them out below.

Rookie of the Year Favorites Insert
2017 Bowman                 2017 Bowman Mega

As you can see, Topps did some photoshop magic on the De Leon card.

Below are all of the Dodger cards found in the 2017 Bowman Mega Boxes. Please note that the Bowman Chrome Prospects set (found in 2017 Bowman) includes six Dodger players, but only three have been found so far in packs of Mega Box Chrome Bowman. I think it's likely that the three missing players (Gavin Lux, Dustin May & Walker Buehler) have been exchanged for WBC participants. Which brings me to another point -- these Mega Box Chrome Bowman packs is the only place you can get an American card of Japanese pitching sensation Shohei Otani, and they are currently selling for about $40 to $60 each. Heck, Mega Boxes are flying off the shelves at Target right now because of Otani. The Mega boxes alone are selling online from $30 to $40 each.

Base Chrome Prospects

#BCP30 Willie Calhoun        #BCP83 Andrew Sopko

#BCP149 Cody Bellinger

Talent Pipeline

#TPM-LAD Alvarez, Calhoun, Bellinger

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