Thursday, June 22, 2017

Vintage Jackie Robinson Photos at RMY Auction

Featured here are a couple fantastic vintage photos I came across at a recent RMY Auction that I wanted to pass long. As you can see, they both highlight Jackie Robinson. Above is the multi-faceted athlete on the hardwood floor. (auction link)

The auction house had speculated that it is from 1950 and is related to the filming of the biopic "The Jackie Robinson Story." It sold for a lofty $943.05. A princely sum, no doubt.

The below photo is just as fantastic -- even though it tells a rather sad story if your a Dodger fan. (auction link) It sold for a far more reasonable $78.77.

It is Game 5 of the 1953 World Series and the Dodgers and Yankees are all tied up at two games a piece. The Dodgers sent out rookie hurler Johnny Podres against a young Yankee pitcher named Jim McDonald.

Clearly, this was still anyone's series.

Unfortunately, things wouldn't turn out so well for the boys in blue. The Bombers got on the board right away in the first and quickly moved far ahead of the Bums with a five-run third inning. Still, the fat lady had not yet sung her tune, so all was not lost yet. Then the seventh inning rolled around, and hope quickly turned to despair.

Billy Martin, who was absolutely killing the ball, came up with a man on and smacked a deep fly to left field. Featured below is a vintage New York Daily News photo taken by Charles Hoff that shows an obviously dejected Jackie Robinson watching Martin's blast land in the lower tier at Ebbets Field.

The Dodgers would never recover.

Worse yet, you gotta feel bad for the two fellows siting in the front row. They both are staring out coldly like someone had just killed their best friend. And I'm sure many of the Brooklyn faithful that afternoon felt the exact same way.

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