Friday, September 22, 2017

A Couple Oddball Jackie Robinson Things to Hang on a Wall

As you all surely know, Baseball collectors are not immune to impulse buying. In fact, I think it's fair to say that a lot of collections are built on those unplanned purchases. I know as a kid I did it often, and now as an adult it appears that I have not grown out of it.

A few weeks back I won an auction, and it was entirely unexpected. Check out my winnings above and below.

What happened was that I had placed a very early opening bid, and assumed it would receive several other bids soon thereafter. Obviously, that didn't happen. Instead, I proved to be the only bidder at $10.

So, what did I win?

What you are seeing is a large poster sized composite filled with vintage newspaper/magazine clippings featuring Jackie Robinson. The cutouts date as far back to his time with Montreal and covers most of his professional baseball career. There are numerous articles and a bunch of photos I have never seen before.

It is also far larger than I thought it was, and now I'm wondering where the heck am I gonna put it -- which probably sounds like a good problem to have.

BTW, the auction didn't only include the two Jackie Robinson scrapbook-style composites you see here. It also included similar sized composites of Hall of Famers Mel Ott and Hank Greenberg. And to be frank, I don't have a clue what I'll be doing with those. A part of me thinks I should put it on eBay, but another part of me thinks it would just be easier to give it away to someone whose a fan of those players. I dunno. If you happen to be local to me in SoCal and have an interest in either Ott or Greenberg, please send me a note.

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