Thursday, September 28, 2017

Who is this African-American Ballplayer in Dodger Blue?

Lelands currently has a huge auction filled with Baseball history. In fact, there are some fantastic Jackie Robinson memorabilia that I'll write about a little later. What I want to do today is point to an item that has me intrigued.

We all know about the numerous Negro League ballplayers who joined the Dodgers franchise during those early years of integration -- Jackie, Campy, Newk, Joe Black, Don Bankhead and the often forgotten John Wright. What we have here, though, are a couple of vintage photographs, dated to 1947, taken by legendary Dodger photographer Barney Stein of a ballplayer that no one seems to know. Check them out above and below. (Auction Link)

As you can see, an African-American ballplayer -- presumably a Negro Leaguer -- is seen both crouching and putting on catching gear while in Dodger Blue. Actually, he's wearing Kingston Dodgers Blue. This club was a "D" league affiliate of the Dodgers in the North Atlantic League and they were located in upstate Kingston, NY. Furthermore, this team only existed during this one year in 1947, and they recorded an impressive 81-48 record.

What is puzzling about the photos is that apparently the name of the young fellow in the pics is unknown. No one seems to know who this guy is, and I am wondering if there might be anybody out there in the interwebs who might know. Please pass that along. I think this is a mystery we'd all appreciate to know more about.

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