Friday, December 29, 2017

Thank You, Brandon McCarthy & Scott Kazmir!

I made a few more fantasy Baseball cards of two recently traded Dodgers -- Brandon McCarthy and Scott Kazmir. Check them out above and below.

As you know, both starting pitchers signed significant contracts with the team, but they also both battled injuries while here. McCarthy was unable to stay healthy for a full season after signing his four year contract -- having thrown just 29 starts over three seasons in Los Angeles. Kazmir, on the other hand, signed a three year deal that saw him stay in the starting rotation during his first season in Blue -- recording 26 starts. Unfortunately, he would not pitch again for the team. The following season he suffered a hip injury that lead to a loss of velocity, and that lead to him not only losing a rotation spot but also forced him onto the disabled list. Kazmir would not pitch in 2017.

Regardless, once a Dodgers, always a Dodger.

Although McCarthy and Kazmir did not live up to the promise we had all hoped for, I have no doubt that they both worked their hardest to play their best. For that, I am thankful.

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