Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Orel Hershiser 1990 Upper Deck Painting

I can't believe my luck.

I just took possession of what might be not only my favorite, but arguably best Dodger item in my collection. Featured above is the original Vernon Wells Sr. painting of Orel Hershiser that was used to create his 1990 Upper Deck team checklist card.

Over the years I've slowly become a baseball card painting/art collector -- not that I know anything about the subject.

What I do know is that art is about not only about what you like, but what moves you. And it doesn't hurt if it happens to be pleasing enough to look at every day.

Clearly, having baseball card art on the wall satisfy's all of those things.

Overall, this is my fourth card painting in my collection.

Several years back I won the Duke Snider painting that was used for his 2003 Topps Gallery baseball card through Topps Vault. See that below.

I also have a Yhency Brazoban painting, but I've forgotten exactly what card it's from (maybe the 2005 Diamond King set). Since his fall from grace I've decided to put that in storage. My fourth painting is an Helmar Brewing Company painting of Hughie Jennings - a Tigers Hall of Famer famed for being the most cheerful ballplayer, coach and manager the game has ever seen. I've yet to get this last item framed and don't have a pic to share right now.

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  1. Damn. That is sweet! That Snider isn't too shabby either.

  2. Wow, you've got to be proud! Color me extremely impressed!

  3. As an afterthought, don't be surprised if a certain "Bulldog" reaches out to you asking about it's availability.


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