Friday, March 01, 2019

LA Kings Celebrated Dodgers Night Last Night

For the first time since its inception the LA Kings held a Dodgers Night at the Staples Center and I did not attend. Heck, you'd think I'd want to just check out those jazzy Dodger jersey's the team wears during the pregame warm-ups in person. But, no. Instead, I watched the game from the comfort of my couch. Thankfully, my laziness is not a barrier to blogging. So, despite my unwillingness to travel to downtown LA, I've still got plenty of pics -- found throughout social media -- to share here.

For instance, check out the Dodgers hockey jersey's I mentioned, above and on the right. This season the Kings wore Dodger Blue jerseys on the ice. Last year they wore home-whites on the ice (link here), and like always they auctioned them off to fans in benefit of the LA Kings Foundation.

Before I share how that auction went -- and by the way, I did make some bids, but lost -- I thought I'd share more pics and videos found online below.
Above are the Kings in Dodger Blue. What a glorious sight!

Below is a video of the team getting amped up, via the Dodgers on twitter.
And below are the Kings on the ice, via the Kings on twitter:
Kings forward Trevor Lewis saying hello to his son, via the Kings on twitter.

BTW, the Kings also offered a special ticket package for Dodger fans that included a limited edition Kings/Dodgers branded cap. Check it out below, via a tweet from the Kings.

Dodger legends Bill Russell and Steve Yeager were also at the game to drop the ceremonial puck.

And, thanks to the organist we all know and love, Dieter Ruehle belted out "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."
Finally, here's a look at the jersey auction held by the Kings.

Like in years past, I dutifully placed several bids for a jersey online, and like always I came away with nothing. They sold for a ton of money.

For instance, the Anze Kopitar jersey (#11) sold for $1400, but the Dustin Brown (#23, to its right) sold for an unbelievable $2525. Wow! Other key stars also sold for big bucks. Drew Doughty (#8) sold for $1675, and Jeff Carter (#77) sold for $2002.

$825 took home the dual signed Sports Illustrated magazine featuring Anze Kopitar and Clayton Kershaw.

Below are screen-grabs of the auction page with final sale prices.

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