Tuesday, July 14, 2020

2020 Topps Project 2020 -- Jackie Robinson by Matt Taylor -- #156

The eighth Jackie Robinson Project 2020 card is now available and it was created by Brighton, UK artist Matt Taylor. He is known for his use of bright and bold colors. Per Print Magazine:
When you find a palette that works for you, you do tend to drift back to it. A large portion of the pieces I’ve done have hot pink, an orange, a teal. Something I always try to steer away from 100 percent black where possible. If it absolutely needs it then I will, but generally, I try to find a really deep blue, or a dark brown, or a dark purple rather than having a straight black. I find it can unbalance an image quite easily if you don’t use it correctly, or if you don’t spread it across the image.
This Robinson card certainly fits that description. He takes the portrait image found in Jackie's 1952 Topps rookie card and juxtaposes a bold citrus-type color palette with design elements reminiscent of 1950's era decor -- atomic starburst denoting a new age of science and technology. It's as if he's making a correlation between Jackie breaking the color barrier and a new age of discovery that promised a better life for all of us.

Go here to check the card out and order. A complete checklist of all the cards in the set can be found here. The reverse of the card is on the right. BTW, you can check out some of Matt Taylor's work on his Instagram here: @matttaylordraws. Twitter: @matttaylordraws. You can find his website here: matttaylor.co.uk. Below is a current Jackie Robinson checklist of Topps Project 2020 cards with their corresponding artist and print runs:
  • #3 - Naturel -- (link here) -- 1,302 print run
  • #31 - Sophia Chang -- (link here) -- 2,741 print run
  • #42 - Blake Jamieson -- (link here) -- 2,980 print run
  • #79 - Mister Cartoon -- (link here) -- 11,643 print run
  • #98 - Joshua Vides -- (link here) -- 20,219 print run
  • #114 - Efdot -- (link here) -- 14,067 print run
  • #140 - Tyson Beck -- (link here) -- 6,068 print run

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