Monday, April 24, 2006

Wooo Hooo!!!! Nooo Maaaahhhhhh!!!

Turning on that fastball like a rabbit being chased by a dog. Nomar killed a Lidge offering to left centerfield. Grand Slam! It landed with a thud after a fan, at least 50 feet above the ground on a walkway overlooking the field from the outfield, couldn't catch the ball that was waist high and just over the railing. What a schmuck! It was right to him!

His lady friend screeched in both horror and delight, as she flailed her arms in the air in some kind of frenzied manic dance. I'm sure she said some thing like, "Oh my God. It was right to ya!" Or she screamed. "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"

Either way, the guy's still a schmuck.

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