Friday, May 26, 2006

Want A Drink?

I guess you can't win them all. Right? On what seemed like a lazy Friday afternoon, the Dodgers came to play with a little less jump in there feet. Was it me, or did it appear like that? It just looked like everything was in slow motion. Every once in awhile a potential rally occurs, but then fizzles out. I don't know, maybe its jetlag or some other cosmic occurrence. Or maybe, it's just that you don't win them all. Sometimes you lose, and sometimes you lose bad. Tonight was a bad night. An evening of dropped and misjudged balls. And a game against a very good pitcher who showed that he is one of the most underrated hurlers in the game.

A 10-4 shellacking. We where run over with a bus. O, well. You just can't win them all. But this gets me thinking. While I wallow in grief I can grab a bottle to wash me down. Mmmm.

Back in the Mid 90's, I don't remember exactly when, I read a news article in the Los Angeles Times about a small local company in Laguna Beach that was making hand engraved wine bottles of teams and players. They where called the Trevlin Collection. So, I called them up and picked up a bottle. It still remains on my shelf today, unopened and undamaged. Amazingly. Fortunately, its nonalcoholic so any thought of actually drinking it goes out the window. Also, the fact that I keep a bottle of Jack in my freezerat all times, which more than satisfies any urges I might indulge in, helps out. So, on to my freezer.

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