Monday, July 17, 2006

ESPN Funnies: Bartman

This is a great behind-the-scenes story about the day ESPN got an exclusive interview with Steven Bartman. If his name doesn't ring a bell then don't worry. I didn't recognize his name at first too. Besides, I'm not a die-hard Cubs fan, otherwise his name might be permanently seared into my brain. He was the fan sitting along the left field line at Wrigley Field on October 14, 2003 during game 6 of the National League Championship Series. As I'm sure we all will recall, he contributed to the games greatest living curse. He interfered on a foul ball pop-up that probably would have been caught by Chicago Cubs Left Fielder Moises Alou. As it happens, the Marlins went to score 8 unanswered runs and become the eventual World Series Winner. Again, the Cubbies fail to advance.

Now, for the reason of this post. Over at Bad Idea Blue Jeans resides a couple of former ESPN employees. They have decided, in all their wisdom and good nature, to share stories about their time there. This story is about a so-called exclusive interview with said Steven Bartman. er... They think it's Steven Bartman.

Story Link:

Hat Tip: The Mercury News: via The Huffington Post

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