Saturday, July 08, 2006

The National Sports Collectors Convention

This is the event I've been waiting for all year. Finally, after a long hiatus "The National" is coming to Anaheim.

I remember, back in the late eighties, when Southern California was a hot-bed of the sports collectible industry. There use to be 200 to 300 table shows at the Disneyland Hotel, the Anaheim Convention Center, the Inn at the Park Hotel and various malls throughout the Southland on a monthly basis. For the collectophile there was always an event out there to go to. As the early nineties came around the general economy weakened and soon attendance at these shows dropped significantly. Afterall, card collecting is based the collectors discretionary income and those incomes where dropping. Furthermore, over production and massive product differentiation from the card manufacturers diluted the collector and soon turned off people like me. I hated the insert cards! Promoters retired from the business and collectors put their cards in the closet for safe keeping. I focused on school, I had just entered my first year of college in 1990, so cards became relegated to a childhood pastime. Before you knew it a major card show in this part of the country became a thing of the past. Now, only Naxcom puts together a bi-annual card show event at Hollywood Park.

I had alot of fun back then. My hobby transformed into a small business during my freshman year in high school. I use to set up a table at shows on a monthly basis and I use to make a pretty good amount of money. I received a resale license, set up a bank account and purchased directly from manufacturers like Upper Deck, Fleer and Topps. It really became a training ground for my future pursuits after college. I refined my understanding of business and sales. Unfortunately, the early nineties brought the demise of my card business. I still had a alot to learn, but I consider this time period an important lesson for the future.

Then, in 1999 I discovered eBay and I haven't been the same since. I started my personal collection again by focusing on older vintage cards and my favorite team, the Dodgers. I also started selling parts of my collection I chose not to keep and left over inventory from my old business on-line. These days, I eagerly await any card show that shows up and hope that the NSCC finally decides, in all their wisdom, to bring the "Big" event back here. Well, from Wednesday, July 26 to Sunday, July 30 it is here and I can't wait.

I just received my VIP admission pass for all 5 days that includes some free autographs, manufacturer promo cards and special entry in special events. If you plan to go for more than a couple of days then I suggest getting the VIP pass. I plan on taking a bunch of pictures of the show floor and signers as they show up. So please stay tuned.

Update: Check out the autograph list for the show. A very nice list.

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