Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ah Crap! Another Barry to Wear Orange

Man-O-Live! Just when I thought the Giants would only be good for a laugh next season they go ahead and spend a boatload of money on the pitching jewel of the winter free agent class. Barry Zito is headed for downtown San Francisco. He gets $126 million for 7 years. That averages to $18 million a year.

On an annual cost basis it doesn't sound too bad. Afterall, the market is what it is. On the other hand, a seven year contract for a pitcher seems a bit foolhardy. Hasn't the National League West teams seen, first hand, the consequences of a long term contract for a starting pitcher, i.e. Hampton and Kevin Brown? Were they not paying attention?

Either way we may not have the Giants to kick around next season. They may actually be competitive- even if half the team is on the verge of senility.

The fun factor: The chants that reverberate during a Dodger-Giant games will now apply to more than one player. "Barry Sucks" and "Barrrrr- rrryyyy" is now a universal anti-Giant cheer. In fact, I firmly believe that they should be known as the Barry's (like how the Dodgers were once known as the Bridegrooms).

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