Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ebay Pick-Ups: Campy, Gilliam and a Couple of Rookies

I thought I would share some recent eBay winnings.

Below is a UPI press photograph, circa Jan. 1968, of just elected Hall of Famer Roy Campanella. Ten years after the accident that cut short his career, Campanella, as shown here, is seen on the phone having received the news about his election into Baseball's most hallowed shrine. Below is a rare card of Dodger star Junior Gilliam. It was produced in 1954 by N.Y. Journal-American. It was one of the leading newspapers of the time. They produced these cards, as well as, 8x10 team photos, to advertise their papers.
Nowadays, most of my collection consist of vintage issue collectibles, but from time to time I do pick up a shiny card here and there. As I'm sure you can guess, when it comes to modern cards I only have interest in Dodger players. Furthermore, I really like the look of the autographed cards that come in packs these days. Below is Takashi Saito in the midst of throwing a vicious fastball. His autograph is on the bottom right. Below is our catcher phenom Russell Martin.

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