Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Edd Roush Archive

The Granddaughter of Hall of Famer Edd Roush is currently on a mission to digitally archive her Grandfathers letters, documents, cards and other memorabilia. As some of you may know, Edd Roush was on the 1919 Cincinnati Reds who defeated the Black Sox of Chicago. This is still considered the most contentious series ever played. Hopefully there is some information related to that series and to some of the players involved. Of course, the scanned documents are available for viewing on one of the better Black Sox collector/ memorabilia websites called Go ahead and check it out.

Only 4 documents related to the family archive are available right now; including a letter from Ty Cobb and WH Watkins and 2 versions of his 1915 Federal League player contract. As noted by the website owner,
"what is so fascinating about the contracts is the inclusion of "The reserve clause". It has been "over struck" in both examples."
For the ultimate Black Sox fan check out the other documents you can download. There are articles from the time period, ticket stubs, etc. to go through. My favorite item is the list of barnstorming games played by banned members of the White Sox from 1921 to the 1930's.

Hat Tip: Vintage Baseball Card Forum:


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