Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can't We All Get Along

As the Dodgers end the season in a ball of flames the usual suspects fly in like scavengers pecking at a rotting body. All I can say is Plaschke is an idiot. There is no other way to say it. In fact, there is no reason for me to elaborate. Plenty of other folks have also chimed in, so it's hard for me add anything more substantive. So take some time to read Jon, Rob, SOSG, MSTI, Aaron, ToyCannon, Dodgerama and Molly Knight as she tries to redeem the LA Times.

What I will do is point out a rumor I first read on Rob's blog. There are whispers about a possible Kemp & Kershaw for Johan Santana trade. Like Dodgerama I don't know what to think about this. I almost feel like we would be giving up too much.

Finally, a big high five to Diamond Leung for trying to make us all laugh.

And because it's the first inning of a meaningless game, I wonder, what would Chris Crocker have said?

How dare anyone out there make fun of Grady after all he has been through! A Martinez said he lost his clubhouse, the kids, the veterans. He's a human! Leave Grady alone! All you people want is more, more, more, more. You are lucky he even sat on the bench 162 games for you. LEAVE GRADY ALONE! Please. Anyone that has a problem with him you deal with me, because he is not doing well right now. LEAVE HIM ALONE! Sniffle.

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