Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barry Bonds Indicted

News from out of the Blue. Barry has just been indicted for perjury and obstruction.

The indictment charged Bonds with lying when he said that he didn't knowingly take steroids given to him by his personal trainer, Greg Anderson. He also denied taking steroids at anytime in 2001 when he was pursuing the season home-run record.

He is also charged with lying that Anderson never injected him with steroids.

"Greg wouldn't do that," Bonds testified in December 2003 when asked if Anderson ever gave him any drugs that needed to be injected. "He knows I'm against that stuff."

Ya know, my problem with all of this is that I can't help but gloat. Does that make me a bad person?

Anyway, I don't believe there is any realistic chance Barry will end up in jail. Probation and public service time are probably in the cards.

Also, how do you like my weak attempt at photo-shopping.

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1 comment:

  1. It is about time. Anyone who does not think Bonds "juiced" is either blind or crazy! The Feds would not indict unless they had a case against him. Do not forget Greg Anderson. What a friend Bonds was/is? With a friend like him, a person does not need enemies.

    I hope he is convicted and eventually does time (any amount would be good for me). Then Major League Baseball can strike his records from the books. (Yeah…right, as if they would ever do that. They might have to admit they ignored his and other players’ indiscretions.)

    He is a cheater to the nth degree and cares only for himself. He deserves whatever he gets. Be prepared for the race card to be played in his defense. I hope he spends the majority of his fortune on his own defense.

    He is a prime example of what is wrong in professional sports.


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