Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Blog Kiosk 3/30/2008

And the battle for the pennant begins.

AP/World Wide Photo
  • Andruw Jones is now a blogger.
  • Go Dodgers Blog got her season tickets and is visibly jazzed. She even post pictures of the tickets, parking pass (now I'm jealous) and a tote bag freebie for season ticket holders.
  • Steve Finley Was Here picks the card of the week and it's former Dodger outfielder Henry Rodriguez.
  • Dan Bretta shares some vintage photos he was able to pick-up directly from the photoalbum of former Brooklyn Robin/Dodgers star Dazzy Vance. These date from 1923. See Brooklyn Robins catcher Charlie Schmidt below. Notice the Brooklyn club flag on the top left.
UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot to mention this. Sunshine shares her pics from Fridays game against Boston. She has tons of pics. Then she post a challenging Dodger quiz. How many can you get right?

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