Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mile High Auction: Dodgers, Ruth and Monroe

Mile High Card Company has a little auction coming up that has a couple of choice items.

It's October 1, 1955 and the Brooklyn Dodgers just beat the Yankees during game 4 of the World Series, 8-5. This win evened the series 2 to 2 so the Dodgers are feeling mighty good. They are jubilant and ready to fight on. In fact, they are so filled with spunk they show off their fist while sporting knowing grins. You see, they know they are about the reverse the trend. They know their drought will soon be over. The Dodgers will soon go on to beat the Yankees. Below is a Associated Press photo capturing the moment.

Not only could Babe Ruth hit a Baseball a mile he can drive a golf ball far too. Below is a AP photo of Ruth's backswing while in Florida.

This is my favorite item of the bunch. Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous. This United Artist press photo is incredible.

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