Saturday, April 05, 2008

REA: Spring 2008 Auction

REA has one major auction a year, so when it comes around it is always something to take note. They always have rare vintage material available. This year is no different as it features everything from Babe Ruth to Michael Jordan. Baseball decency is explored and rare sets are uncovered. The premier highlights of this coming April auction include a Babe Ruth Baltimore News Rookie Card, a Wagner T206 card and a very rare beer poster featuring 19th century Hall of Famers Anson and Ewing.

The dirty language Baseball memo I wrote about last last year is coming up for auction too. It will be interesting to see what this item sells for.

Some of the rarest of Baseball collectibles from the 19th century are Old Judge cabinet photographs. What makes this card notable, though, is that it features star slugger Dave Orr of Brooklyn.
Orr was a major nineteenth-century star and universally regarded as one of the premier power hitters in the Major Leagues throughout his eight-year career (1883-1890).

The earliest baseball cards came packaged within packs of cigarettes and tobacco. In fact, all kinds of promotional items were placed within packs. There were felt flags, various non-sports cards covering actors, animals, etc., and silks.

Below is a example of a group of silk inserts that has been used for its intended purpose. 77 silk rectangles have been sewed together to make a Baseball themed tapestry/ blanket. There are no notable Dodgers to point out, but it does happen to have many Hall of Famers like Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson. I just happen to love items like this. It is Americana at its best.

This is one of the more unique autograph albums I have ever seen.
On Wednesday, September 18, 1946, the Brooklyn Dodgers hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates at Ebbets Field. Prior to that game, a young man by the name of John Kilmas began the compilation of an incredible autograph album, which we are proud to offer here. What sets this autograph album apart from the many others we have seen is the inclusion of snapshot photos of many of the players. Ideally, most of the photos picture the respective player signing this very album! Nearly all of the album pages are also date stamped, so we know exactly when the album was signed. Kilmas returned to Ebbets Field on the 19th (Pirates) and the 20th (Reds) to continue his quest for autographs, and it was on his final trip that he took the photos displayed in the album (later mounted on the proper pages with the given player's signature). He also returned the following spring (April 22, 1947, is the date listed for many of the autographs), at which time he collected many additional signatures, including that of Jackie Robinson during his rookie season. In total, ninety-two signatures are featured in the book, the vast majority of which belong to members of the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Imagine the thrill this kid had.

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