Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YouTube: KABC Radio Interview with Davis and Pignatano

KABC posted a youtube video from their interview of Tommy Davis and Joe Pignatano before the Coliseum game.

YouTube Link: KABC Radio:

Free Matt Kemp! Troy from West Virginia gives us his best Matt Kemp impersonation as he sits on the bench waiting for his turn. Get him off the bench and put him in the outfield, Torre! Of course, since Kemp has started the past two games this video has turned out to not be very timely. On the other hand, Troy cracks me up.

YouTube Link: TroyfromWestVirginia:


  1. Actually, that video came out late Sunday night, prior to him starting all 3 games against Pittsburgh.

  2. Hey Troy thanks for stopping by. I apologize for my poor writing. What i meant to convey was that my posting of the video was not very timely.


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