Wednesday, July 23, 2008

L5's- More Leather

Thanks to Roger, who sent me an email pointing out these auctions, I get to expand a bit on the leather tobacco inserts I wrote about a month ago. Below is a collection of leather premiums that sold on eBay last week. Instead of Baseball players featured on the face like the L1's these leather items feature the ladies. They are called Hamilton King Girls and are commonly known as L5 in the standard catalog. They measure 8.25" X 12.50" and where redeemed through with a collection of coupons in packs of cigarettes in 1908.

These leathers appear to highlight women from different parts of the country and their hobbies. Check them out below.

Above is the Atlantic City Girl and sold for $224.72. Below is the Coney Island Girl which sold for $133.50. What is unusual about these leathers is how different they from the Baseball version. The Baseball leathers had drawings printed on the front. These Hamilton Girl's are pressed into the leather to give it texture and then painted.

Below is the Long Beach Girl which sold for $207.50.

The below item has me scratching my head. What exactly is a Comfort Girl? My imagination is running wild. It sold for $99.99. UPDATE: Well, Roger tells me that this is actually Old Point Comfort which is a beach in Virginia. Whoops!!

Below are links to 6 other leathers that were on eBay.

eBay Auction: Asbury ParkGirl L5:
eBay Auction: Coronado Beach Girl L5:
eBay Auction: Bar Harbor Girl L5:
eBay Auction: Manhattan Beach Girl L5:
eBay Auction: Spanish Dancer Girl L5:
eBay Auction: Palm Beach Girl L5:

UPDATE: Wow! Roger has a heck of a collection. He has sent me a link that features numerous other L5 leathers. Check them out here. Also, here is a link to a great website within the Vintage Non Sports Card Chat Board featuring all kind of early 20th century leather tobacco premiums.

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