Monday, November 10, 2008

Dodger Art: Robbie Conal

I'm not much of an art buff. I've never taken an art appreciation class, nor taken a serious art workshop class. In junior high I had taken a summer art class that included some sculpture work and drawing. I realized right there that I was not to be a Michelangelo.

I do, on the other hand, know when I like something. I've run across a painting that forced me to sit down and gaze. The "La Reve" by Picasso, currently owned by the Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, made me do that. I've been to exhibits that make me wonder "what the hell?" John Cage's "Rolly Holly Over Circus" at the LACMA in the mid-90's made me do that.

Well, a few days ago I got an email from a reader who works at the Track 16 Gallery. He pointed me to a couple of drawings of local artist Robbie Conal that I think most readers here will appreciate. He's a guerrilla artist who uses both Fernando Valenzuela and Sandy Koufax as subjects in his most recent installment.
Above is a drawing of the great Sandy Koufax with the impressionable words, "Thou Shall Not Hit."

Below is the recognizable Fernando Valenzuela staring at his glove just before he makes his pitch. "Annunciation of the Screwball." The words below say, "The Lord Sayeth unto Fernando: Thou Shall Put Some Spin on the Ball."

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  1. Well, they're interesting. I'll give you that much. :-) Though, really, what is up with the feet in those things?


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