Friday, November 21, 2008

Videos: Dodgers, Manny and some Bike Hero!

Are you missing Dodger Baseball. Well, here is a nice Dodger montage to help keep you at bay.

YouTube Link: 1stclassDodgerfan:

Dodger Hill. I recommend watching this one through. It is very well done.

YouTube Link: caseywillard:

FATMIME is predicting that Manny is leaving the Blue Crew and serenades us with a sad song.

YouTube Link: FATMIME:

I love me some Guitar Hero from time to time. The interactive feel of the game allows you to literally imagine yourself playing with your favorite band. I can get through the medium levels, but I still have a tough time playing at a higher level. Now, I'm not one of those obsessed gamers who sits himself in front of the TV for an 8 hour session of games, but I do enjoy sitting around from time to time playing some games. So, finding the video below made by some creative kids has put a big smile on my face and has me yearning for the end of the day so that I can do something really important- like getting to the next level.

YouTube Link: Bike Hero:
Hat Tip: Extra Mustard:

1 comment:

  1. whether or not Bike Hero was deliberately created to be a viral video, it still rocks... i could not tell at any point that it was fake


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