Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HYee Auctions: Photos Galore

HYee had another great treasure trove of vintage photographs on eBay. There were so many great items to pick through I just could not showcase a couple.

Below is a October 10, 1916 George Bain photo of the Brooklyn Robins (Dodger) dugout during the Dodgers first World Series against the Boston Red Sox. Skipper Wilbert Robinson, Hi Myers and the team mascot watch the game. It closed at $291.86.

Here is a team photograph of the 1916 National League Pennant winning Brooklyn Robins. It sold for $214.50.
Hall of Famers include Robinson, Zack Wheat, Rube Marquard and a young Casey Stengel. The Dodgers (called the Robins after their manager) would drop their World Series debut to Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox in 1916. They would return to the Series six more times and come up as losers every time, earning them their ‘bum’ moniker. In 1955, they would exercise their demons and capture their lone World Championship.

You can't go wrong with Jackie Robinson playing tennis. He is teamed with Indoor Tennis Champion Don McNeil during a benefit match for the American National Theater and Academy in February 1951.

In the clubhouse the boys will play. Below is Jackie with Sal Maglie and Al Walker as he faces playful congratulations for belting 2 homers against the Pirates on June 26, 1956. It sold for $72.00.
Auction Link: Jackie Robinson:

Happy Birthday Pee Wee. He is celebrating his 30th birthday in the photo below with cakes given to him by the Brooklyn faithful. It is hard to imagine today's fans doing the same. Of course, maybe it does happen and I'm just totally oblivious. Manager Burt Shotton stands at his right.

Here is a close up photo from October 7, 1920 of Hall of Famer Dodger Zach Wheat. It sold for $429.00.

Babe Ruth was probably one of the most photogenic characters during the 1920's to 1930's. Below he is dressed as a clown for a
"CS & SCA event (the “Circus Saints and Sinners Club of America”, a charitable organization that got it's start back in the late 1920's. which provided financial assistance to old and down trodden circus performers)."

I had no idea Los Angeles had their own Negro League team. Below is a photo of the Los Angeles Hawks. It comes from the collection of Sy Pollack- former owner of the Indianapolis Clowns.
Auction Link: LA Hawks Negro League Team:

Below is Billie Thomas as Buckwheat from "Our Gang."

Do you want to know why I love Hockey? This is why I love hockey. "We supply everything but guts!" Below is Paul Newman in the timeless movie "Slap Shot."


  1. All cool photos. But that Bain photo is by far the best. It's so rare that you see candid baseball shots from that era. Just great.

  2. You have great posts keep them comming. I like all those old photos.


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