Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Furcal Not Dead Yet?

What's going on here. He's going to sign with the Braves. Then, he isn't?

Tony Jackson reports:
Ned Colletti just informed me that "we have had many conversations today on the subject of Rafael Furcal'' and that "I can't tell you if it's dead or not. I can only tell you that his people continue to engage me in conversation as if it's not, and I have been assured by them that it's not.''
Also, Andrew Kamenetzky reports that it ain't final yet. He links to a LA Times and ESPN story.

The ESPN story is right.
(It has) turned into something of a circus, with many twists and turns -- and the way it's playing out, somebody is going to be irked.
Yup, I expect to be miffed and disappointed.

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