Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank You Saito!

I'm gonna miss Saito. He was always a joy to watch on the mound as he rocked back and forth before each pitch.

I will always remember his infectious smile. Saito embodied the pure joy this game is all about.

The worse part is that it was the Dodgers who turned their back on him.
"The decision in leaving Los Angeles was not Takashi's," Balelo (Saito's agent) said. "It was the Los Angeles Dodgers'. That needs to be very clear. It was the Dodgers' decision."
It just doesn't sit well with me. Even given his recent arm troubles I still believe he is valuable.

Takashi Saito has signed with the Red Sox. reported that the contract was a one-year deal worth between $1.5 million and $2.5 million plus incentives with an option for 2010.
Why couldn't we sign him? I don't get it.
"He will always remember his friends in Los Angeles," Balelo said.
In turn, I will always remember Saito as a friend.


  1. $1.5 million may be small change in baseball dollars, but it's money that didn't need to be spent. I enjoyed Saito's work, but let's be honest -- he's a reliever. Unless you're talking about Mo Rivera, I don't know that there's really much point in trying to discern who is better than who.


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