Monday, March 30, 2009

Tommy Defends Piazza

As some of you know Mike Piazza has been fingered as a steroid user in an upcoming book by Jeff Pearlman. When I first heard of the book my initial reaction was, "I wouldn't be surprised." After all, it seems like many of the superstars from the 90's have been stained by pharmaceutical enhancements. Those superstars who haven't seem to be shrinking in size day by day. So, the allegation of a juiced up Piazza is something I've been expecting to hear for a long time.

Still, I hope it isn't true. Piazza was one of my favorite players and his homeruns were like exploding fireworks with a blueish hue in the deep dark sky.

Coming to his defense, expectedly, is uncle Tommy.

"I don't believe that at all," said Lasorda, the longtime Dodgers manager . "He worked so hard. I saw him in the weight room working out all the time. Whatever (is in the book) is hearsay. I just don't believe it. He comes from a family that's full of good people.

"I wouldn't comment on it if I didn't feel strongly about it. He has too much to lose. And he's such a nice young man. He goes to church, he's got a nice family. I know him. I know what kind of man he is and I just don't believe it."

Unfortunately, my better judgment tells me otherwise.


  1. Griffey, big hurt, piazza, and Sosa would hurt the most. No confirmation on any of those as of yet. Any evidence on Sosa other than production?

  2. I think Griffey's been hurt too much to have anyone think he ever used...

  3. I agree David. One of the byproducts of steroids is the ability to heal faster from injury so I think Griffey's injury past saves him. The same may be true for Frank Thomas.


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