Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get the REA Catalog

Several of the big collector blogs have been writing in awe of the current REA auction. I'm not surprised. This offering is one of the best I've seen (next to the Halper auction in 1999), and is definitely the most comprehensive auction of the year. Mario at Wax Heaven first posted up a link to get your very own catalog. I suggest that if you want to see photos and descriptions of some of the most incredible Baseball cards and memorabilia in the hobby you should request a catalog too. It is almost 2 inches thick. Go here to REA's website to make a request.

While your at it, check out Night Owl Cards post. He just received his catalog and shares some of the items that has his mind swirling.

UPDATE: Welcome Wax Heaven readers. Be sure to check out my previous post about this auction by clicking the label below called REA. I've been excitedly writing about this auction and plan a couple of more post soon.

UPDATE II: If you want to see a catalog worth every penny check out the auction catalog featuring the Barry Halper collection from 1999 that was sold through Sotheby's. Here is one on eBay.

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