Monday, June 29, 2009

Card of the Week: The Impending Crash

In my opinion the 1991 Topps Baseball set is one of the nicest and most flawless card designs Topps has put out over the last 30 years. They really outdid themselves this year. Above is one of my favorite cards from the set. After all, you can't beat Carlton "Pudge" Fisk in the process of receiving the ball so that he can block the plate as a relatively small Cecil Fielder comes storming home. I'm not sure who the Tiger is in the background holding the bat, but I do know he is motioning for Fielder to slide. A collective gasp can be imagined from the crowd behind the play. Two big men are on a collision course sure to be felt from New York to Los Angeles. Of course, these star ballplayers will feel it the most. I can't help but wonder who got the better of each other.

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