Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dodger Correspondence: Ralph Onis

While on eBay recently I came across a seller with numerous letters written by old Dodger players to a young fan. Below is one of those letters. A kid named Jim ask former Dodger catcher Ralph Onis what was his most favorite moment in Baseball and he was kind enough to respond.
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eBay Auction Link: Onis Letter

Ralph Onis only got a "cup of coffee" in the show, but it obviously was a memory worth remembering. After all, not every player can say they have a lifetime batting average of 1.000. He played one game in 1935. He writes:
May 1935. Ebbets Fied, Brooklyn, NY. My first game, relieved Al Lopez 5th inning. Went to bat against "Left" Brant (Boston Braves) 2nd pitch hit a line drive between 3rd and shortstop for a base hit.

I am hitting 1.000 in the Big Leagues.
For a man who spent so little time in the show, it seems he appreciates being remembered. He writes that Jim's letter was no inconvenience at all.

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