Thursday, July 30, 2009

News From the National

As some of you hardcore Sports collectors already know, this weekend is the 30th annual National Sports Collectors Convention being held in Cleveland, OH. The opening sneak peek was held last night. Once again, I am left to wallow at home as others get to enjoy the most important event of the year for sports collectors. So, instead of sulking I will pass along some great links of others who are in attendance.
  • JamesRyanJ shares a free poster featuring T206 cards. He also has other pics in his TwitPic album which I am sure will be added to throughout the weekend.
  • Sports Collectors Daily has a handful of pics from the sneak peek.
  • Check out this podcast with Scott Pruscha and Panini. (Hat Tip: Twitter:TheCardTweet)
  • MUST GO HERE! once again will post a bunch of pics (I mean a whole bucketload) from the National. See them here. Throughout the week this site should be the first place you go to as it will be constantly updated.
  • UPDATE. How could I forget about Beckett. They will be posting all week from the National and already have several videos available from Cleveland. Check them all out here. In fact, check out all of their YouTube Videos from the event here.

YouTube Link: BecketNational30:


  1. That T206 poster would look great in my classroom.

  2. Thanks for the shout. I will be there Saturday and Sunday. Going to spin the Panini wheel for the Griffin/Hansbrough autograph.


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