Thursday, September 10, 2009

Legendary Photo Auction: Dodgers Galore

Legandary Auctions just started a new auction and it features some incredible photography. You should really just check it out and window shop. Most of the pics are press photos. There is so much here I think I will just break it up into a couple of post.

Below is Maury Wills in front of 104 bases.

What a great pic of Sandy Koufax facing off against Roberto Clemente. It looks like Roberto popped it up, or took a mighty swing and missed.

Jackie Robinson in his UCLA basketball uniform.

Here is an aerial view of a 70,000 capacity filled Yankee Stadium for game 1 of the 1950 World Series.

Roy Campanella meets Eddie Mathews in this 1953 United Press photo.

Drysdale in a upward gaze.

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